Our Story

lil’ nomnoms food truck was created out of the culmination of passions, aspirations and frustrations. Having managed restaurants here and overseas in London as well as running a multitude of successful catered events, the transition from a food based industry into the corporate world was difficult one. The once bright soul was sapped dry of any innovation, creation and passion. The money was awesome and the parties were even better. But these so called “benefits” of working in the corporate world, although at one point appealing, no longer provided the same level of satisfaction. After several failed attempts at acquiring a café, the mind took a walk into a quiet emptiness forcing questions like “Who am I?” and “What the hell am I doing with my life?” These questions coincided with the birth of our little angel Sianh. Together, they gave me the clarity and strength to pull the trigger on a new yet risky idea of combining the two passions of Vietnamese street food and sharing food..…. and rolling it out of a truck!


The past year has brought about a tremendous amount of excitement, anxiety, and extreme convincing. The in-laws were onboard, albeit with some careful coaching and countless amounts of cooked meals…… But try explaining to your immigrant, fiercely conservative and wary Vietnamese parents that you plan on selling food…out of a truck…on the street! “But how will people know where you are if you move?”

I couldn’t blame them. But to my surprise they were more than supportive, probably realizing that it was the same risky entrepreneurial spirit that put them on a leaky boat bound for a two week perilous trip to Australia. In retrospect, our little truck adventure pails into comparison on the ballsy scale when you put it up against the plight of my parents and other refugees.


So who knows what will become of lil’ nomnoms in a year or two? But don’t they say better is a man who tries and fails, than one who fails to try. So here we are.


Oh and if you were wondering what nom noms meant, then try saying yum yum with a proper mouth full of your most tastiest, delicious and succulent treats….then let me know how that goes for ya.


Keep nom-ing Melbourne, cos we’re coming for ya!